Matt Perfetuo


Marc Chancer
4705 Laurel Canyon Blvd.Suite 203
Studio City, CA 91607
818.308.6420 x227

Tim O’Shea
4705 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Suite 203
Studio City, CA 91607
818.308.6420 x 221


Inhumans Recurring Guest Star ABC / Marvel


Detective Chinatown 2 Supporting Sicheng Chen
Voyeur Supporting Delaney Bishop
There's No Such Thing As Vampires Supporting Logan Thomas
Red Butterfly Supporting Dream America Pictures
Muck Supporting Steve WOlsh
Torture Chamber Supporting Dante Tomaselli
Five Are Fallen Supporting Johnny Rey Diaz
Catcalling Virgin Supporting Beata Harju
Cynthia Lead Christopher Wells
Anthro 524 Supporting Different Duck Films
The Other Half Lead David Field
Loaded Lead Andrea Williams


William Esper Studio Suzanne Esper and Barbara Marchant NewYork,NY
Improv & Acting Brian Tivnan Worcester, MA

Special Skills

Identical Twin - Stage Combat - Stunts - General Weapons Handling - Certified Personal Trainer - Athletic - Legal Knowledge
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